Phone booth active blue china town

A blue, active telephone booth.

In many maps, there are two or more telephone booths, which can be used to teleport to other parts of the map. Similar to kiosks, telephone booths can be inactive or active, and can only be used when active. An active kiosk is lit, and has its telephone symbol glowing brightly. The first character (player or zombie) to stand inside an active telephone booth for a continuous time of about one second gets teleported to a random teleport target of the map (usually located near telephone booths), instantly inactivating that telephone booth and making it impossible to other characters to use it until it reactivates again. Unlike when using a telephone item, a telephone target located near the starting position is never chosen as the random destination. After being used, a telephone booth reactivates after about half a minute. When a game begins, all the telephone booths are inactive for a while.


Telephone booths are best used to escape one or more enemies chasing you, giving more time to recover and a chance to get more help from your team mates. As the player usually teleports right next to another active telephone booth, this can cause a big trouble to the chasing players (or zombies). Fortunately, there are several counter tactics against enemies escaping with telephone booths. Firstly, the chasing players can try to prevent the chased player from getting to a telephone booth in the first place. Secondly, the chasing players can try to follow the player by teleporting themselves with telephone items or other telephone booths nearby. Thirdly, the chasing players or their team mates can deactivate telephone booths in advance by using them themselves. And finally, since the teleporting process takes some time and the escaping player has to stop inside the booth, the chasing players can often reach the chased player and hit or poison him/her right before he/she teleports, making him/her unable to recover any health before being surrounded by the chasing players again.

Telephone booths can also be used for surprise attacks, especially against other players who have just teleported themselves, as mentioned before. Unfortunately, these aggressive tactics using telephone booths almost always need some luck in order to succeed, since the teleport target is chosen by random.

In Zombie Survival, it is wise to avoid pushing zombies into active telephone booths, as teleporting zombies can slow down the progress. Fortunately, the zombies never run into telephone booths on their own.