"Hard To Escape, Huh!"


Baseball Bat


Long Range Buster


Guided Attacks, Long Attack Range


Low HP, Slow Movement Speed

Double jump


Wielding a Baseball Bat, Sluggers are effective long-range fighters. They can either swing wildly at their enemies or launch deadly guided baseballs as their Secondary Attack. A Slugger's Special Attack, one of the strongest in the game, drives a super-charged baseball at the opposing team.

Basic Strategy

First and foremost - Sluggers are NOT made for close combat. Hence the low hp. Sluggers are made for long range and you should take advantage of that. DO NOT just stand around, point, and shoot. Keep moving. Run, turn your camera, shoot, turn it back, then run again. Rinse and repeat. Jump around and slide to avoid hits. You can recover faster after a hit if you slide. Remember, this class is made to deal damage from afar, so don't be a hero by getting in the action up close. Once you're caught in a close combat fight and you keep getting stunned it's pretty hard to escape and run away (slow movement speed for the lose). Items are a good backup to have if ever you're in that kind of situation.

If you do get into close quarters with an opposing team or zombies (and if you're not stunned), use your left-click to swing your bat. It doesn't matter if your first swing is a hit or miss. As long as your second/last swing hits the target, you'll send them flying which should give you enough time to run away or use your right-click to kill them if their health is low enough. If you get hit into the air, you are not stunned, and are in a close distance to the enemy, you can left-click to do a mid-air attack to hit the opponent and hopefully stun them so you can get some distance.


Weapon Default Abilities Price (BP) Perk
Zebra bat Secondary: Continuous Fire Special: Time Bomb 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Pommel bat Secondary: Trinity Ball Special: Time Bomb 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Magic club Secondary: Continuous Fire Special: Big Ball 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Cricket bat Secondary: Trinity Ball Special: Big Ball 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Horned necron Secondary: Trinity Ball Special: Time Bomb 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Horned skull Secondary: Continuous Fire Special: Big Ball 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Tin stovepipe Secondary: Direct Shot Special: Big Ball 6,400 Attack VS Users: +2.0%



Baseball Bat: Two hit melee attack that sends the enemy flying, on the second hit


Trinity Ball: Attacks enemies by firing three guided missiles simultaneously

Continuous Fire: Significantly increases firing rate and eliminates the cooldown rate

Direct Shot: Allows you to aim you firing and shoot up to 5 progectiles at once before a reload is required.


Big Ball: Fires a huge guided missile that explodes in an area of effect

Time Bomb: Fires a timed bomb that is effective against groups of enemies




Nobalance VS Knockfire 1v1 Brawlbusters

Nobalance VS Knockfire 1v1 Brawlbusters