Gem ranks 20130623

Gem Score requirements for each Gem Rank in 23th June 2013. The white dot surrounded with a circle is drawn at the player's current Gem Score (0).

Ranked match is a game mode very similar to Team Deathmatch with the following differences:

  • Ranked match has its own page in the main menu, which shows your current Gem Score and Gem Rank in a diagram that also shows the current Gems Score requirements for each Gem Rank. The page also shows your Ranked match specific statistics that exceptionally include deaths.
  • Instead of normal rooms, there are private waiting rooms for people who want to play in a team that consists of their friends (and their friends etc.). Those who want to play with random team mates can wait for a match on the Ranked match page after pressing the "quick play alone" button.
  • The teams playing against each other (and also the players of the teams if needed) will be chosen on random so that the system tries to find good matches according to Gem Scores.
  • The games are always 4v4 on a random map without the possibility to intrude or observe. The score limit is ten, and the time limit is five minutes.
  • No EXP is rewarded. Instead, each player in the winning team receives zero or more gems from the players in the losing team. The number of gems won or lost depends on the personal Gem Score and the difference between the average Gem Scores of the teams. In the case of a draw, players with above average Gem Score can lose gems and the players below the average can receive gems.
  • If a player leaves during the round, as a punishment, he/she will lose 50 gems that nobody will receive. After that the round is considered unofficial, which means that every player that stays in the game till the end of the round will not win or lose any gems.
  • More BP is rewarded compared to a Team Deathmatch round with similar settings, unless the Ranked match round is unofficial.
  • Some Daily Missions that can be completed in Team Deathmatch cannot be completed in Ranked matches.

Known bugs and glitchesEdit

  • Currently there is a very severe, commonly occuring bug that makes a player's Gem Score reset to zero. This can happen many times to the same person. The cause of the bug is currently unknown, but the resetting seems to happen mostly after updates to the game and when the player has recently played Ranked matches or has opened the Ranked match page from the main menu.