Lava under pipes in rumble factory

Lava under the pipes of Rumble Factory at a moment of moderate brightness.

Lava is bright and hot substance that glows in red and orange and rapidly damages a player as long as he/she touches it. Lava can be found only in the maps Rumble Factory and Burning Adventure, which are only available in team game modes. Rumble Factory is essentially Brawl Factory with lava, while Burning Adventure is a crumbled version of Triple Adventure, with lava deep down in the huge cracks in the middle of the map.


As lava can take full health in less than one second, it is important to avoid falling into lava. Jumping or double jumping in the air early enough to get back onto safe ground is a common way to survive from dangerous situations above a lava pit. Note, that you do not always have to return onto the same platform where you came from, but you might be able to jump over a channel of lava instead. This is especially useful when the opponents are guarding the edge of the platform where you came from.

If you run out of jumps in the air and fall into lava in Rumble Factory, to minimize the damage taken, it is wise to jump back into the air as quickly as possible after landing and head towards the closest jump pad while touching the lava as seldom as possible. A quick use of a telephone item is usually the best way to avoid damage from lava, and is the only way to survive from the lava pit in Burning Adventure.

From aggressive perspective, it is often useful to try to push your opponents into lava. This works best with firefighter's Water Spray attack and when the opponents are stuck in jelly.