Jailhouse, Streaker and Viral
Zombie Survival




Jailhouse, Streaker and Viral are the basic zombie types that give you one point ("slay") when killed. These three are equal in speed (mediocre), behaviour and attacks, with the only exception being Viral zombies' additional ability to poison hit players with a certain probability. Their healths are low, but not exactly the same. For example, Jailhouse has about 20 % more health than Streaker. Jailhouse and Streaker zombies are found in all Zombie Survival and Boss Battle games, while Viral zombies are only found in Zombie Survival games with difficulty set to hard. These three or two zombie types typically spawn in big, mixed groups.

Characteristic to all these three zombie types are glowing yellow eyes and mediocre height. All Viral zombies look exactly the same: average muscularity, deep green skin and no shirt. However, Jailhouse and Streaker zombie types vary in looks. Firstly, their skin color can be white, gray-blue, gray, grayish red or dark brown. All Jailhouse zombies wear a horizontally striped prison uniform consisting of shorts, a t-shirt and a cap. Half of the stripes are always gray, but the other stripes can be green, blue, purple, red-brown or dark brown. All Streakers have a skull tattoo on their left shoulder and wear light brown shorts, but they can also wear a sleeveless shirt or one hand-cuff ring on either wrist. Both muscular and non-muscular Streakers can be found.

Basic BehaviorEdit

These zombies will follow the targeted player and when in melee range, will quickly strike with their arms and then stop for a relatively long moment. The attacks do not stun players, but Viral zombies can poison them with a certain probability. The zombies choose to strike with their left hand, right hand or both hands, but that choice does not matter in practise.