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"There are things so deep and complex that only intuition can reach it in our stage of development as human beings. ~ John Astin"

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Forsch & kaak


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Brief InformationEdit

Intuition is one of Brawl Buster's major crews and, with its formation two days after FEAR , it is also one of the oldest ones. Under the leadership of kaak, Intuition has persisted to be a high-ranked competitive crew ever since, with a powerful roster of skilled players.

Dedicated MembersEdit

kaak, Forsch, mohammad99, zakid, SecksLegs, ToonLinkSWE, ButaTensei and vetwillem, as well as ex-members GlassMade and h3dkandi


Intuition prides itself as the most stable crew in the history of brawl, with a lot of dedicated players and a consistent supply of good recruits to fill in any empty spots. Players under intuition's banner often partake in tournaments too, where they rank among the top participants.

-In the Midnight Madness 2v2 tournament, kaak and Sepharius took first place after first beating Datass Reborn in EU (coincidentally another intuition team) and then beating JuNkA and Nobalance in the finals. Sepharius, originally a Courage member, switched to intuition after this.