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Glow Rush
Kill enemies and collect their Glow.
The first team to collect all 43 Glow in 5 minutes wins!

Max Players

16 Players

Victory Bonuses

Purple Key, Red Key, 100 BP, 200 BP, 300 BP

Glow Rush is a team-based mode in which the objective is to collect a minimum of 43 units of Glow by killing members of the opposing team. When a player gets killed, all the Glow he/she had goes to the killer. The Glow is equally divided between players upon start. However, if Intrusion is enabled, the newcoming players do not receive any Glow automatically.

Collecting all the Glow from the opposing team (49 units) will result in a Perfect. Especially in games with small number of players getting a Perfect is very common, more common than in any other game mode. In matches with lots of players this happens a little more seldom, as the game starts with very small amounts of Glow scattered among all the players, and the match finishes instantly when either team reaches 43 units of Glow.