"Smoking Hot, Huh?"


Fire Hose


Defensive Support Buster


Longest Attack Range, High HP


Slowest Movement Speed

Double jump


Firefighter handles a Fire Hose to spray nearby opponents with a powerful blast of water. Slow-moving Firefighters have a high HP rating and their Secondary Attack has the longest range in the game. Their Special Attack creates a temporary defensive barrier.

Basic Strategy

There are 2 main strategies for this class: Kiting and Long-Range Support.

Kiting: Kiting around opponents can keep them grouped up, and allows teammates to go in for the kill, or you can deal damage with the secondary fire.

Long-Range Support: Use your Fire Hose's secondary attack to damage opponents or activate a Kiosks bonus effect. Keep your opponents at bay witht the Firewall or Mine.

If you're in trouble, blast them away with the Firehose's spray. Try not to get caught in enemy combos and dodge to avoid hits. Running from opponents won't work well, so try to put up a good defense and damage opponents to allow teammates to kill them later.


Weapon Default Abilities Price (BP) Perk
Steel pig Secondary: Six-Shooter Special: Mine Ball 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Artda no.72 Secondary: Six-Shooter Special: Firewall 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Iron cover Secondary: Nine-Shooter Special: Mine Ball 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Gold lightning Secondary: Six-Shooter Special: Mine Ball 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Cogwheel Secondary: Nine-Shooter Special: Firewall 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Bon gun Secondary: Nine-Shooter Special: Firewall 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Steam gun Secondary: Flamethrower Special: Firewall 6,400 Attack VS Users: +2.0%



Water Spray: Close range attack that sends enemies flying backwards


Six-Shooter: Slow firing rate, but is very effective at keeping enemies at bay from long range and has an splash effect.

Nine-Shooter: Long firing range and quick firing rate, but with a small area of effect.

Flamethrower: Allows you to engulf your enimies in flames, it also has an after burn effect for continuous damage.


Firewall: Creates a defensive wall that blocks enemy movements and attacks. Can only take a few hits and Boxers and Blitzers can jump over this.

Mine Ball: A stationary item that chases nearby enemies in it's radius and explodes on contact. This is well used against groups, or for staying in one location.




Roll with water

Roll with water

Jump with water

Jump with water