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~The Things We Do For Love~

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Courage by dreamhackerz-d5ge3mq

Courage Crew: A few of the original core members with a few newer members in the back. Created by Spook

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iKeel, Spook, Londonn, limeapple, ParanoiaTa, bOrDeR_X,  McFrenchy, ZeCookies, Nobalance, Vipercast, AjR0nMaN_HuN.



Courage first started out as a small group of the brawlbusters community who enjoyed playing the game with eachother while socially talking on skype. While playing with eachother they had formed an unofficial crew pre-crew 1.0. They called them selves after various names. One in specifik was StreakBreakers United (SBU) were their main objective was too purge the community of evil stackers.

With the arrival of Crew 1.0 they decided to form a official crew. The name of the crew was a delema though. They were not at all united on the name suggestions of the crew. But after the creation of FEAR they all agreed on that they had one enemy en common and therefore created the crew called Courage was created. Thus Courage and FEAR became archenemies.