Lucky boxes, or boxes in short, are items a player can have in his/her Locker, as are keys, which are used to open the boxes. Each box is either purple, red or blue, and can only be opened on the My Locker page with a key of the same color. When a box is opened, the player receives a randomly chosen item and loses the box and the key. The probability of getting a certain item depends on the type of the box (see: Box contents). There are four different box types: Purple Box 1, Red Box 1, Red Box 2 and Blue Box 1. Keys come in only three types: Purple Key, Red Key and Blue Key.

Opening boxes is especially useful when you want to get certain items without using RT in the store. These items include many accessory items and slot changers (Red Boxes only). Moreover, by buying Blue Boxes, +1 fuses can be gotten with much less BP compared to buying the fuses directly. Instead of opening boxes, the player can also decide to sell the boxes and keys in the store for a small amount of BP. In the case of Blue Boxes and Keys, this is definitely not a good idea, since the expected sell value of the contents of a random Blue Box is over 410 BP.

Getting boxesEdit

You can get boxes by accomplishing certain Daily missions or by buying some from the store for BP. Boxes are cheapest when you buy them 20 at a time.

Getting keysEdit

You can only get keys by playing. You have a chance of getting a Purple or Red Key by finishing a game of any game mode, except Boss Battle, Zombie Infection or Singleplayer. The Blue Key is the rarest and hardest key to get. You have a chance to get it by winning a medium match of Zombie Survival, and you are guaranteed to get one by winning a hard match of Zombie Survival or beating the Crazy Cook.

Box contentsEdit

Purple Box 1Edit

Locker item(s) Probability
Pirate Eyepatch, Black Sunglasses, Star Sunglasses, Vampire Mask, Ganeda Mask or Yellow Mask for 1 day > 98 %
BP Coupon 5,000 < 2 %

Red Box 1Edit

Locker item(s) Probability
One piece of +5 Foxfire clothing for 3 days (Foxfire Helm, Foxfire Suit, Foxfire Pants, Foxfire Gloves or Foxfire Boots) 10−30 %
Foxfire Costumes package (+5, 3 days, contains: Foxfire Helm, Foxfire Suit, Foxfire Pants, Foxfire Gloves and Foxfire Boots) < 8 %
Ultra Goggles, Star Sunglasses, Wine Sunglasses, Pirate Eyepatch, Black Sunglasses, Vampire Mask, Ganeda Mask, Yellow Mask, Foolish Disguise or Iron Nailed Mask for 1 day > 65 %
BP Coupon 20,000 < 2 %
BP Coupon 5,000 < 3 %
50 Slot Changers 0.5−5 %

Red Box 2Edit

Same as Red Box 1, but Lightning Costumes replace Foxfire Costumes as possible contents (only visual difference).

Blue Box 1Edit

Locker item(s) Probability
One +5 Golden weapon for 7 days (Gold Bug, Golden Cannon, Shining Fist, Golden Guitar or Golden Bat) 8−20 %
Golden Weapons package (+5, 7 days, contains: Gold Bug, Golden Cannon, Shining Fist, Golden Guitar and Golden Bat) 0.5−3 %
5x one type of +1 fuses (Fuse Clothes, Fuse Hat or Fuse Limbs) 28−42 %
Chameleon Eyes, Red Star Goggles, War Boss or Bomb Mask 45−57 %
BP Coupon 20,000 < 1.0 %
BP Coupon 50,000 < 0.5 %
BP Coupon 100,000 < 0.2 %