Crazy Cook
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(aka Bubble Yum)

Max Players

4 Players



Victory Bonuses

Blue Key

Current Difficulty


Currently there is only one type of Boss Battle available, where the boss is called Crazy Cook or Bubble Yum. The purpose of this co-op game mode is to defeat the boss as soon as possible with a team of up to four players. When the boss dies, all the zombies summoned by him will disappear, and the game is won. Just like in Zombie Survival, the players are able to revive fallen teammates and the game is lost only if all the players are down at the same time.


When the Boss Battle ends, the players are given a grade between S and F, and are rewarded with BP and EXP according to their performance. A lost Boss Battle results in the grade F and the smallest amounts of BP and EXP rewarded, while the grade received from a won battle depends on how quickly it ended. For example, finishing the game in under five minutes results in the grade S, a longer time below eight minutes results in the grade A, and an even longer time below ten minutes results in the grade B. The personal amount of BP earned depends mostly on the grade the team gets, but also depends considerably on the grand medals, which are earned personally. The amount of EXP earned also depends on the grade, although a bit less than in the case of BP. Also the three personal statistics (damage, revives and kills) affect considerably on the personal amount of EXP earned. Usually the grade S results in about 510 BP (excluding bonuses), and the grade A results in about 440 BP. Since also a Blue Key (worth more than 200 BP) is always given to the players as a Victory Bonus on win, among experienced players, playing rounds of Boss Battle is likely to be the fastest way of earning BP after finishing the daily missions.

BP rewards when playing with four players
Grade/Medal BP reward
Grade S 400
Grade A 350
Grade B 300
Grade C 250
Grade F 50
Any Crown medal 0
King of the Kiosk medal 9
Item Mania medal 14
Continuous Combo medal 18
First Kill medal 23
Terminator medal 27
Longevity medal 32
Immortal medal 45

Bubble Yum's MovesEdit

At certain points in the battle, Bubble Yum will become groggy (knocked down). During this time you are able to do as much damage as you want without him moving or doing any attacks. This happens, when his health is at around 90 %, 75 %, 60 %, 45 % or 30 %. After a short time though he will damage the area around him, so be sure to get some distance after doing some damage to him. Exceptionally at 15 % health, he will not go groggy, but will instead become enraged for the rest of the round (he starts to glow in red), doubling the damage of all of his attacks. Generally speaking, when the boss is not grogged, he will repeatedly choose a player to target, slowly turn to face him (or randomly give up and select a new target) and finally make a random move out off all the moves he is currently able to do. Farting, the firewall buttslam and possibly also walking are the only moves that he performs a bit differently. The set of currently enabled moves are determined by his current health, and they only change at the milestones mentioned above. All his moves are listed below.

The very first move the boss will do after jumping into the arena at the beginning of the round, is walking. When walking, he will try to walk towards some player and try to walk around others if they block his way. This move never does any damage to players, and the boss will be able to do this move at all times. This move can be stopped by using a box or jelly item on him.

Another move the boss can always do is the firewall buttslam. He does this move only when there is a firewall nearby. He turns towards the firewall and then does a quick and small jump followed by a landing on his butt that destroys all the firewalls and damages and throws away all the players near him. The boss also does this move when he walks into a firewall or tries to start to walk while inside a firewall. The damage potential of the destroyed firewalls will be lost, unless they start moving and hit the boss right before getting destroyed. Moreover, the sudden damage and knock-back easily causes trouble to the whole team, which is why firefighters should think twice before creating a firewall inside or right in front of the boss. This attack can be countered by using a box or jelly item on him.

Another attack he will use from the start is the 3-hit combo where he will smash the ground in front of him twice, then do a body slam that will damage a wide area around him. Instead of doing all the 3 hits, he can also decide to stop after the first strike. This attack can be countered by using a box or jelly item on him or by cloaking the targeted player with a chameleon item.

Another attack that he is able to use from the start is the chewing gum spit. In this attack he will chew some gum from his weapon and then spit out gum balls that will home to players at a distance. If you are close enough to him they will always miss you. The kiosk or a firewall can be used to block the attack, but if you get hit you will be unable to move. This attack can be countered by using a box or jelly item on him or by cloaking the targeted player with a chameleon item.

The last attack he will use from the start is when he swings his weapon in front of him to summon zombies. The types and number of zombies he spawns is based on how much health he has left. This attack cannot be countered. The boss cannot summon more zombies when there are too many zombies alive already. Note that at least Flatfeet and Skull Rocks count as more than one zombie, and there can never be more than four of them alive at the same time.

The three types of zombie summons
Boss's health Zombies summoned Possible zombie types
100−90 % 8 Jailhouse, Streaker
90−0 % 4 Skull, Lugnut, Major Crash, Major Treat, Little Leaguer
10−0 % 2 Flatfoot, Skull Rock, Little Leaguer

At 90−0 % he will start using a few new attacks, one which he will point his weapon at a player and charge at them until he gets near enough to the targeted player or hits another player or a firewall. Then he will jump and slam the ground around him. A player that hits the boss during the running phase receives a little damage and also gets thrown up, which makes it harder for him/her to avoid the more devastating slam as well. If the boss hits the kiosk while charging, the attack is stopped immediately. This attack can be countered by using a box or jelly item on him or by cloaking the targeted player with a chameleon item.

The second attack he will use at 90−0 % is a high jump into the air. This attack starts with him crouching, followed by a fixed period of time (about two seconds) when he is in the sky, invincible and invisible apart from his purple shadow, homing towards a chosen player. Finally he lands on ground, damaging and throwing all the players within a long radius around him. The players getting hit will also be stuck with jelly, often unable to reach the boss with their attacks for several seconds. This attack cannot be countered. For some reason, the boss can also normally home to players cloaked with the chameleon. To avoid this attack, you can run behind where he was standing as he cannot turn back or slow down in the air to get you, but he can turn to the sides. He also cannot increase his initial speed in the air, so you can also dodge the attack by running further away from him (this might not work if you start running away while he is still on the ground). This is the most commonly used way to dodge this attack, and is usually performed so that every player (especially the targeted player) stands right next to the boss when he is still on the ground, and then every player runs away from the boss's original location while he is in the air. The boss will not move almost at all, because at the the beginning of the jump he thinks the targeted player can be reached with a very slow jump. Ranged players can also easily perform this dodge by standing near the kiosk, between it and the boss, and then run behind the kiosk while the boss is in the air.

The last attack he will be able to use at 90−0% is the fart. First he turns his head to look behind and then he farts while turning left, releasing poisonous gas to a wide area behind him. The hit box of the poison gas lasts for the duration of the farting, and it also turns a little bit left during that time. The hit box can reach all near-by players inside an approximately 180 degree angle and the reach is also surprisingly long in the direction of the fart. If you are hit by it then you will get some instant damage and also become poisoned and thrown away. This attack can be countered by using a box or jelly item on him or by cloaking the targeted player with a chameleon item. However, to do this before the fart happens, you need to be very quick. In other words, you need to predict the fart attack or have fast reflexes combined with a low ping to the server. Another way to defend from farts is to block them with firewalls. Unlike the other boss's attacks, this attack can also be dodged by jumping high enough (double jump is not needed).

At 60−0 % he will learn one last attack, which is a very powerful, charged shockwave. The attack begins with about four seconds of charging with an alarm sound playing repeatedly in the background. When the alarm buzzes for the fourth and final time, a devastating shockwave will start from his middle point, immediately reaching every spot in the map that is not shielded by the kiosk, a firewall or one of the pillars at the surrounding walls. Players caught in the shockwave will be thrown away and damaged relative to their maximum health. The attack has a high chance of inflicting a critical hit, which doubles the damage. When the attack hits with a critical hit, the attack takes more than 60 % of the health of each player it hits. Since the boss does double damage when he is below 15 % health, during that phase, he can kill all the players with one critical hit, even if all the players had full health before the attack. This attack cannot be countered.


The map used in Boss Battle games is a modified version of Triple Adventure. Only the central area of the map is used, and access to the rest of the map has been blocked with locked gates. At the beginning of the match, the boss will spawn at one of the three possible spawning points on the roof and then jump down onto a predefined spot on the ground. Experienced players usually try to spot where the boss spawns and will be ready to start damaging the boss as soon as he touches the ground.


  1. Among experienced players, a team consisting of 1−2 rockers and 2−3 boxers is often considered optimal for taking the boss down with least expected time. The rockers should have the Electric Carpet Special Attack and preferably also the Electric Emission Secondary Attack (Rapid Fire is almost as good choice). They are supposed to kill the zombies, get the team boosts from the kiosk and damage boss as much as possible at the same time. The boxers, which can achieve the highest dps values on a single target, are supposed to concentrate on the boss at almost all times. Sluggers and firefighters will not be able to do as much dps on the boss, and thus their use is discouraged when trying to beat the Boss Battle quickly. Blitzers are able to do a little bit more dps on the boss than rockers, but are much worse at controlling big crowds of zombies, and their Special Attacks easily throw and scatter zombies around, making them harder to kill. However, the high health and the ability to fight Skull Rocks and Flatfeet relatively easily are strengths that can make blitzers useful when the boss is enraged. Therefore, if you happen to die near the end of the round, respawning as a blitzer might be a good idea. It can also be smart to respawn as a firefighter who protects the team from the lethal shockwaves with firewalls.
  2. Since the boss will not attack until he is facing his chosen target, attacking at the back can be a very useful trick to keep the boss passive, especially when his health is above 90 % or when a Super Strong boost is active. At other times, the fart attack can cause lots of trouble, so attacking at the sides might be a better idea.
  3. When the boss is going to do a shockwave attack, run behind the kiosk. If there are zombies that might throw you out from the safety or kill you, make use of the whole triangular safe area behind the kiosk that reaches the walls surrounding the map. You can repeatedly evade inside this area to avoid getting thrown out of it. Also attacking the zombies is an important way to keep at least some of the players safe, if not yourself. To avoid extra trouble, try not to stay behind the kiosk when not necessary, as otherwise lots of zombies will be there when you have to get cover. If the team has a trustworthy firefighter, you can also run to him and wait for him to create a firewall. A good firefighter will place the firewall so close to the boss that it actually goes inside him. That way other players can easily get cover and they can keep hitting the boss while in cover. When the risk of zombies destroying the firewall before the shockwave takes place is considerable, everyone, or at least one of the players, should run behind the kiosk to avoid everyone dying at the same time. An experienced player can also take cover from the pillars at the surrounding walls, or keep attacking the boss and receive a surely non-lethal amount of damage from the shockwave.
  4. If a player dies, you should try to revive him as soon as possible, but only when it is safe (to avoid getting into even deeper trouble), and no other player has already decided to do that (not to waste time on doing nothing).
  5. Stay close to the boss. That way, you will be able to do more damage, can get protection against zombies from your team mates and you are safe from flying chewing gum.
  6. Try to keep the boss near the kiosk. Since the boss will move towards players who can place themselves between the boss and the kiosk, the only considerable problem at achieving this should be the possible contradiction with the second tip. When the boss is near the kiosk, team boosts will be easier and faster to get, especially considering that some players (like rockers) might be able to hit the kiosk and the boss at the same time. When the boss is below 60 % health, keeping the boss near the kiosk is even more important, as taking cover from the shockwave attack gets much faster and easier.
  7. Try to get the team boosts quickly. The kiosk will open again after only 25 seconds has passed from getting the previous team boost. There is a 25 % chance that the next boost will be Super Strong, which speeds up things greatly. When one of the players is down, delay the activation of a Super Strong, so that every player will get it.
  8. When you have the Super Strong boost, always concentrate on damaging the boss. Hit only the zombies that you can reach while hitting the boss. If you are low on health, try to recover health after the Super Strong has expired, not before.
  9. Learn to know the attack chain with which your weapon does the highest dps possible on the boss. This has a massive effect on how long the Boss Battle will take, and on how useful you are to your team. For close combat oriented classes doing only Special Attacks and/or Secondary Attacks never results in an optimal chain, because you have to wait for a while before you can do those attacks again. Actually, for two classes, rockers and blitzers, the highest dps is achieved by simply doing full Primary Attack combos over and over again. For boxers, the Special Attack and Secondary Attack are much more important. With the lethal weapon, the highest dps inflicting chain is "Special, Secondary, 1x Primary (interrupted by moving), repeat". When zombies need to be handled at the same time or more mobility is needed for any reason, a bit different chains might suit better. For example, the "Electric Carpet, 2x Primary (interrupted by moving), repeat" chain is also very useful to rockers.
  10. Learn how to get team boosts quickly. Moves that do a lot of damage might not be effective on kiosks. It is especially important to notice that attack damage boosts and critical hits have no effect on kiosks, and that all Primary Attacks from the same class are equally effective on kiosks, eventhough the moves get slower and more damaging against enemies as the Primary Attack combo proceeds. You should also note that what is efficient at getting kiosk boosts, is also efficient at getting items from one target, and vice versa. For rockers, one of the best ways to get the kiosk alone is the "Special, (move,) 1x Primary, (move,) Special" combo, as you will be able to damage the boss as much as possible while getting the kiosk, and you can also reach and leave the kiosk as fast as possible.
  11. At 10090 % everyone should concentrate on the boss; the weak zombies are just teasing you a little bit. Rockers can easily kill them while damaging the boss at the same time, so every other class should mostly just ignore or dodge the zombies and keep attacking the boss's back with maximum dps. When you are able to move during your combo, move towards the back of the boss and/or try to lead the zombies following you straight to a rocker.
  12. At 9015 % everyone should concentrate on the boss most of the time, but be careful not to throw or scare ranged zombies away (e.g. with hand bombs, boxes, Sonic Explosions or Touchdowns), as they will not come back near the boss where every player should normally be. Also, do not let Little Leaguers run away. If any ranged zombie gets out of the range of the rockers' attacks, someone has to run away from the boss and kill that zombie sooner or later. Hiding behind the kiosk might make Crash and Treat zombies come close to the Boss again, but that is not a very reliable trick.
  13. At 150 %, it is probably worth to put (almost) the whole team into killing Skull Rocks and Flatfeet when there are some. Weaker enemies, except for Little Leaguers, can be killed more slowly than normally to prevent more Skull Rocks and Flatfeet from spawning.
  14. Most of the boss's attacks will throw you away from you if it hits. This makes you unable to damage him for a while. To avoid flying away, use an item at the moment you get hit. You can also evade, if you do not need to interrupt your current attack. If you know you will not be able to dodge boss's high jump, you can give up on that and just evade straight under the boss so that you will be able to hit the boss while you are in jelly.
  15. Out of the fuses available for hats/helmets, Glow Coating is the most useful one, since it makes you able to take full advantage of Super Strong boosts more often. Note that the duration of the triple damage is not increased, only the duration of the invincibility. The extra immunity time will protect you from damage, throwing effects and jelly right after your last attack with triple damage.
  16. To get rewarded more BP from a certain grade, you need to collect as many Grand medals as possible (Crown medals do not help). Especially the Immortality and Longevity medals are important: in a won game, together, they are worth 77 BP. Therefore, not dying once during the match is more important than it could seem. Also getting the longest combo, getting the first kill and being the one terminating the boss helps considerably.
  17. To get rewarded more EXP from a certain grade, you need to inflict more damage, kill more zombies and revive more players. Note, that unlike in Zombie Survival, every zombie kill counts as one point, "kill" (or from the perspective of Daily missions, only one "slay"). Therefore, killing lots of Jailhouse and Streaker zombies at the beginning of the game gets rewarded with a considerable amount of EXP. This is quite unfortunate, because the boss would get killed quickier if those unimportant zombies would be mostly ignored (see tip 11).

Known GlitchesEdit

  1. Sometimes, when countering a boss's charge attack with a box or jelly item, he will not react to the item in any way before the attack ends. More often it happens that he stops to release himself out of the item, but the effects of a buttslam still occurs at the same moment they would have without the items. Occasionally the boss also ignores jelly during the 3-hit combo and the high jump (the jelly only prevents him from moving horizontally).
  2. Sometimes the alarm sound warning about an upcoming shockwave attack starts to play even though the boss decides to do some other move or he goes groggy. This common glitch happens only when the boss's health is at 60−0 %.
  3. Players can easily get inside the boss's collision box when he is walking or landing a high jump.
  4. If the boss lands his high jump on the kiosk, he will go inside the kiosk. Usually after this he will try to walk out of the kiosk, but if he gets blocked by the players or becomes groggy, he might stay there for a long time. If the boss is deep enough inside the kiosk, he might be partially invulnerable. However, his head always stays outside the kiosk and it stays vulnerable. Charging attacks from inside the kiosk usually end immediately without a buttslam, but players right in front of him might get kicked by him.
  5. Zombies can get stuck inside the kiosk too. This happens when the boss summons zombies and a zombie is supposed to spawn on an edge of the roof of the kiosk. However, the zombie will spawn on the ground level instead and can get stuck. While stuck, the zombies can slowly move towards their targeted player. Therefore, the zombies will usually escape out of the kiosk sooner or later.
  6. Sometimes it takes a long time before the boss jumps down into the arena at the beginning of the round. When this happens, the boss tries to walk forward on the walls while something is blocking his way, or he walks around in a small circle. If the boss stays stuck on the walls long enough, he may start to spit chewing gum and summon zombies up there.
  7. There is a rarely occuring glitch where the boss continues to walk in place as long as the players want. This seems to happen with a low probability when the players block the boss's movement from two adjacent sides.
  8. If the boss is killed after the message about losing the game has appeared, the game will still be won. Supposedly, the boss can be killed this way with projectiles, poison or any attacks from players revived too late.