Barrel and bomb in triple adventure

A barrel (at back) and a bomb (in front).

Barrels and bombs are red map elements that have white skull symbols on them and explode when hit with an attack. These explosions can only damage enemies; the explosions do not have friendly fire properties. Bomb explosions knock enemies away and do much more damage than barrel explosions. On the other hand, exploded barrels leave behind a circle of fire that lasts for eight seconds. Enemies who touch the flames receive flame damage at a slow rate. The fire is shown in the exploder's team color (zombies' fire is violet). In Free For All, all opponents share the same color from your perspective.


Barrels and bombs have predetermined, reserved spots that depend on the map and the game mode. There exists bombs in every map, but this does not hold true for barrels. When a game begins, a barrel exists on every barrel spot even before the count down finishes, but the bombs will spawn (drop from the sky) on their spots only after ten seconds has elapsed from the end of the count down. After exploding, the barrel or bomb will respawn to the same spot after a certain amount of time. For barrels this time is 45 seconds, and for bombs it is 40 seconds.

Miscellaneous factsEdit

  • Players can gain partial protection against the fire of barrels with Flame Reducing Material fuses. Similarly, Blast Reducing Material fuses protect from bomb explosions.
  • Barrels and bombs both have a vertical symmetry plane, that is, they consist of two halves that are mirror images of eachother. Because of this, the text "Crash or Treat" on a barrel is mirrored on one side and not mirrored on the other side.
  • Bombs look like propane tanks, and are sometimes also called propane tanks by players to avoid confusion with hand bombs and the generalisation of the two bomb types.
  • A bomb does much more damage than a hand bomb does.
  • Players can stand on barrels and bombs (the little flame on barrels does not do damage).